Selecting a TV Stand

tv standThere are major components that you must consider when buying a TV stand. Before you shop for one, take note of the dimensions of the TV, its weight and the location, where you intend to place the item.

Here are the factors that you have to look into when buying a TV stand.

1. Dimensions. The stand does not have to measure exactly the same as your TV. You have to give allowance to the accessories that you may want to place after buying the item. The most important thing that you need to look when it comes to this factor is the depth of the TV when placed on the material. It must be at the center and not hanging at the back or in the front. Check the item as well if it supports the weight of your TV.

2. Frames. You can choose the kind of frame design that supports the type of TV that you have and the other accessories and gadgets that you want to place near it. Here are your options when it comes to the frames:

• Corner stand. As the name suggests, this is best suited when you intend to place the item in a corner of a room.

• With cabinets. This is perfect for people who have lots of gadgets that they frequently attach to their TVs, such as gaming consoles, speakers, DVD players, cameras and a lot more. This will make it easier for you to store the items and make these handy and easier to locate when needed.

• Plasma stand. This is wider than the traditional models because this is intended for plasma TVs with greater widths. This will ensure safety and stability of your TV, as well as your viewing pleasure. You can also get similar stands that are extra wide even when your TV is smaller than a Plasma model. This will add effect and grandeur to the smaller TV.

• Swivel. This is perfect for those who like to move things around in their house every so often. This can also be used in offices, where TVs need to be brought to different locations, depending on where the presentation is going to be held.

• Entertainment center. This is the most expensive and most advanced of all types of stands. This already has various features that can be used to complement the other features of your TV and also to add effects to the surroundings while you are watching TV.

3. Other features. There are various features that are included in certain models of the stands. You can choose depending on your need and how your TV will fit into these models. These features include, casters or wheels, cable management tools and adjustable cabinets.

4. Materials. These stands can be made from various materials, which will affect its overall durability and, of course, price. These are some of the choices when it comes to the materials, where these items can be made from.

• Hardwood. This is the best quality that you can get when it comes to these stands. This is preferred by those who want the item to last long, so that they can pass this on to their family’s next generation. The organic grain of the hardwood makes each furniture unique. Its strength and features make this quite pricey, but it will be worth it since you are assured that this will really last for years.

• Wood veneer. This is the best alternative to hardwood. The appearance is still great for lesser price, but this is lighter and thinner.

• Metal. The kinds of metals that are typically used for this purpose include stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Among the three, the first is the best choice since this won’t rust and several finishes can look attractive in it.

• Glass. If you prefer this type, make sure that you get tempered glass, which is safe and durable.

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